Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Welcome to the Complicite blog!

This site is designed to publish your thoughts on the ongoing Contemporary Theatremaking module devoted to Complicite. You can contribute to it whenever you like and (within reason) on whatever topic during the course, though any inappropriate comments will be blocked before they are published.

Originally called Theatre de Complicite, the company was formed in 1983 by (among others) Simon McBurney, Annabel Arden and Marcello Magni. Since then it has become one of the most influential European touring theatre companies working today, and is currently run under the sole artistic leadership of Simon McBurney. Information about the company can be most readily accessed via their website, www.complicite.com.

This module will explore and analyse the working methods and rehearsal methodologies of the company and apply them practically in the adaptation of a short text for performance. Complicite are known for adaptating fiction and for collaborating closely with writers; in recent years this has led to an especially fruitful relationship with the novelist and critic John Berger. It seems fitting, then, that the text we will be working to adapt is one of his short stories, entitled 'Play Me Something'.

I hope that the experience of working in this way will be interesting, productive and fun, and that you will make full use of this site in the process. Happy Blogging!



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