Sunday, October 17, 2004

1980s Theatre

Here is a very brief overview on the 80s theatre, the context in which
Complicite were formed:

It might be considered that the “hallmark” of the 80s was a new growing
attitude that advocated the “blurring of distinctions between ‘drama’ and
other elements of the theatre”. A new wave of thought challenged the
traditional notion that the text is of prime importance to the play. The
performers and practitioners of this era were hugely influenced by the
Oriental theatre forms, in which the approach to a play’s text comes second
to the “totality of the experience”. The theatre also questioned the
accepted style of ‘realism’, often favouring the use of epic dramaturgy, a
more suitable medium for addressing political issues of the time. In fact,
“new forms of contemporary performance ignored realistic representation
altogether, putting an emphasis on the performance of the actual body in

The "1980s Theatre" Research Group.

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