Sunday, October 31, 2004

FW: Play me something chapter summaries

> Play Me Something Chapter Summaries
> Arrival
> 'What is it that men have and women don't and which is hard and long'
> to
> 'If you're not at the bus station by two, we'll know they drowned you.'
> Marietta
> 'You're not from here'
> to
> 'I'd cut off my right hand rather than work in a factory'
> Dancing
> 'All the men dancing there, they're nearly all factory workers'
> to
> 'Marietta is dancing with Bruno'
> Gondola
> 'That's Gramsci'
> to
> 'all our ancestor'
> Music
> 'No roots. Too much power and no roots.'
> to
> 'Come to Mestri, come to Mestri. I'll find you work'
> Leaving
> 'Do you know what hell is?'
> 'Do you?'
> 'Hell is where bottles have two holes and where women have none.'


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