Monday, October 18, 2004


> Mnemonic
> This production was perceived and directed by Simon Mcburney; and devised
> by "The Company". The inspiration for the piece was the discovery of a man
> preserved in ice in 1991. The piece is based around memories and stories
> spanning millennia, combining with and effecting modern lives. "Mnemonic
> questions our understanding of time, our capacity to distort history and
> our attempts to retell the past."
> A particularly interesting part of the production revolves around audience
> participation, in which the audience are blindfolded and asked to remember
> moments from their recent and not so recent pasts. This is used so as to
> demonstrate the fragility of, and fragmented nature, of memory; a key
> theme of the play.
> 'As always, the company's movement skills are superb..... Mnemonic is a
> show you are unlikely to forget.' Charles Spencer - The Daily Telegraph,
> 8 January 2003
> 'The audience listens to my voice, which has been pre-recorded, but which
> they imagine to be live. I have just asked them the question: "Where were
> you 10 years ago? Can you remember?" Out of the darkness there is a hoarse
> shout. "In a cellar with my fucking family!"' Simon McBurney - The
> Guardian, 1 January 2003
> Toured
> Opened July 1999 Lawrence Batley Theatre Huddersfield. Toured to Cambridge
> Corn Exchange, Newcastle Playhouse, Oxford Playhouse, Salzburg Festival,
> Riverside Studios London. 2001 revival toured to National Theatre London,
> Mercat de los Flores Barcelona, Bobigny MC93 Paris, New York off-Broadway
> season at the John Jay College Theater. 2002 revival tour to Bosnian
> National Theatre Sarajevo, National Theatre of Northern Greece
> Thessaloniki, Munich Kammerspiele, Dramatyczny Theatre Warsaw, Helsinki
> Kansallisteatteri, Theatre National Populaire Lyon-Villeurbanne, Bobigny
> MC93 Paris. 2003 London Riverside Studios.
> Research By, Tom, Catherine, Natalie and Kasia


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