Monday, November 15, 2004

Mnemonic at the Theatre Museum

Theatre Museum Covent Garden Mnemonic

I went to see Mnemonic, and found it to be a valuable experience.
The first thing that struck me when viewing Mnemonic was the extensive use of voice over. This was something that most of the group wanted to use in the Arrival section for the guide character, I was unsure of this probably due to my general distrust of technology, but after viewing Mnemonic I can see that using a voice over for this part would be a good way of keeping true to Complicite's style. A particularly effective use of the voice over was when actors started a line that was then taken over by voice over, so that the actor could say something else or perform physically.

Other effective techniques to possibly bear in mind for our piece was the projection of Alice onto Virgil while he was having a phone conversation with him. I'm not sure how we could incorporate this, it's just a technique that I thought worked visually in this production.

Slow motion repetition of key events was another technique used in Mnemonic, which could possibly be incorporated into our piece.

Finally, the use of puppetry, whereby the chair became the ice man in order to show his death. Like Jonathan said, it worked very well. However, they did not use chairs like the ones that we used, they used a chair that had collapsible legs, so that the legs of the chair could be moved and used more easily to represent arms and legs. Furthermore the head rest was moveable, better showing a head. This worked well, there were few puppeteers, so the stage was not too cluttered


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