Monday, December 06, 2004

contact improvisation

Hi Guys,
I just found this stuff on Contact Improvisation, which is very similar to what we are doing in the gondola scene… I found it really interesting and thought It may help some of us who arnt that confident with movements (clarifly it is not Dancing!), or if not you may find it interesting anyway!?
What we are doing is not exactly contact impro so we don’t have to use all of the ideas - but just bearing in mind some of them may help..
Contact impro ideas - intuition, flow, lifts, absorbtion,rolls, constant contact, active body, improvised, giving anf taking weight,slow growth, heightened sensitivity momentum, awareness of fear, every momet improtant, use of senses. - All of theses ideas are especially important
'No-fault dancing' anything goes. On the spot impro. Self expression and individualism.
Blancing weight between two people - once you make contact with someone you keep movement to avoid discomfort.
The body is determined in the experience of self in terms of the action and the sensation of the body.
'Practice of negation' subverts conventional expectations of dance structure and aesthetic.
Breaks down social bariers, anyone of any social class, sex, age or ability can participate - unisex choriography (good for us us it keeps us away form the idea of becoming either bruno/ marietta)
Anti costume, bagginess,. Camoflage brests, hips and musculature.
The focus is shared by the two improvisers to sustain and channel their energy.
Movement and meaning control the improvisation - therefore for us it is the meaing that we are trying to portray int the gondola scene - passion etc.
I know its late, but just a few ideas to help clarify what we are doing in the scene.


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