Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Post-Performance Blog

I think, personally, what we did went really well and everything and everybody gelled really well together as a company. The piece changed so much from when we started that there weren't all that many bits that lasted through to the final performance, a lot of the best work we did was found through improvisation and directors seeing certain moments and expanding on them. I think every decision we made made the performance better and was made for a clear reason and that we should all be proud of all the work we put in. The technical stuff went really well (Thanks Lucy and Charlotte) and gave the piece a lot of energy and the scene changes that we'd worked on looked good and were nice and quick. From what I've heard the puppets we're really liked by the audience, especiallly the separation and dismantling of their body parts. People got what was going on and knew that Bruno leaving Marietta behind was inevitable (sob sob) and enjoyed the visual aspect of the getting off the bus scene. I haven't heard that much negative stuff about our piece (people won't really say it to your face will they :-), but I think it was generally liked by the audience and I enjoyed performing it.

Bye everyone!
From Cath


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