Thursday, December 23, 2004

We pulled it off! YAY!

I think in the end we pulled off a surprisingly slick and polished
performance, atleast it looked polished! I think we did fantastically well,
really focusing during the performance. Our piece was challenging due to the
puppetry and lyrical movement, but everyone I have spoken to has only
praised it (atleast to my face!). People particularly liked the Meeting
scene and the way in which the feet moved away from the rest of the puppet
during Dancing. This is where we made the most use of the fact that puppets
can do things that human actors can't. Furthermore the variety of our piece
seemed to be enjoyed.
I'm so pleased it came together in the end, as we all worked so hard and
I'm sure lost a bit of hair to stress, and also lost a few nights sleep, but
from buzz from the performance was definately worth it.
Thankyou all for being so fantastic, love you and miss you all! Looking
forward to seeing you in the new year
Tom x


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